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MesoLyft Neck

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MesoLyft Neck


MesoLyft combines the revolutionary benefits of scientific skin care and micro-needling into one easy-to-use, completely painless device.

With retail products that target specific client needs, MesoLyft micro-needling brings exceptional change to the skin, softening the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, while improving tone and texture for a more youthful neck and décolletage, radiant and rested eyes, and fuller lips.

MesoLyft Neck

Accent the importance of supporting the neck and decolletage by providing Mesolyft Neck. This product is specifically formulated with vitamins E, C, and dill extract to maintain and restore youthful appearance and beauty. Apply by rolling formula nightly between breasts – along the decolletage – and onto the neck. 0.05 fl. oz.

Dill extract, vitamins E, vitamin C, retinol

Purpose and Benefits
Roll formula nightly between breasts, along the decolletage, and onto the neck.
Neck and Dècolletage Repair. Smooths Skin Texture

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